-Metal Enclosed Switchgears offers easy solutions to authorized technical staff about assembly, management and maintenance as compared to outdoor switchyards.

-Viewing windows are available on the door and the body in order to see the position of air insulated equipment and the cable terminal caps.

-A unit for remote monitoring and controlling is available with electric terminal group designed for SCADA.

-Life safety of operation staff against internal arc failures that might happen in switchgears is proven by Type Tests.

Metal Enclosed Air Insulated Modular Switchgears are the medium voltage switch devices used internally in businesses, designed in modular structures and components manufactured by Air, SF6 Gas and Vacuumed methods at 7.2-12-17.5-24-36 kV isolation levels.

Related Standards & SpecificationsHigh-TechGround Rod & Rotary DisconnectorsSF6 Gas filled Break & Load DisconnectorSCADAMaterial Matrix

-IEC 62271-200

-IEC 62271-102

-IEC 60694

-IEC 60271-100

-IEC 60271-105

-IEC 60271-103

-TS5248 EN 602298


1-O.G Switches
Rotary disconnector separates the main busbar from the break and the cable section. The on off transaction cannot be done under load. It is used together with the break. Load disconnector separates the main busbar from the cable section. The break cuts the energy of the feeder that feeds. It is used with the disconnector.

2- Busbar Section
This is where the main busbar is situated. Connection circuits to the busbar are the same. It enables additional switchgear combinations.

3-Low Voltage Section
This section comprises low voltage electric terminals, relay connections, control buttons and signal lamps. It also has break, load disconnector and ground rod circuits.

4-Connection to O.G. Cables
Cables are fixed by transmitting them through fittings found in the surface with the help of the clamps found again in the surface. Voltage divider is connected to the cable busbar which is assembled to the insulator.

5-Mechanism Section
This section comprises the actuating mechanism elements of the rotary disconnector, load disconnector, ground rod and the divider.

16 kA Ground Rod:

It is a manually operated device where setting up the springs found in its mechanism increases the speed of the circuit and makes the on off transaction.

Rotary Disconnector:

Since the rotary disconnectors which have two positions and three circuits are air spaced, maneuvers can be visible. By this feature, it provides high operation safety. Thanks to the springs found in its mechanism, it helps to increase the speed of the circuit while operator does maneuvers. Thus, it provides convenience in operation.

The load disconnector, which has three positions and three circuits in epoxy resinous chamber filled with SF6 gas under 1.5 bar pressure, does natural locking. It can only take three positions: Open-Closed-Ground. The safety of the operator can be maintained by its mechanism that has a special circuit speed.

SF6 Gas filled Breaks can break fault currents up to 50 kA rms amount thanks to the shortness of arc time in the break switchgear and the quick recovery of SF6 dielectric features.

SCADA offers you the opportunity to control and administer facilities and systems from one center. The purpose of using SCADA systems in Electric Distribution Facilities is to remotely control and command these facilities which became widespread from a central point. The SCADA system minimizes energy cuts by letting us to monitor electric facilities from a central control point. With the SCADA systems that we will do, it will only take a few minutes to express the energy cuts while it takes long hours to express the cuts with classic systems.

SCADA systems also offer people a trustworthy, fast and economic system management. Besides, these systems insure an enormous ease of labor and gives people a chance to use this labor in different fields. The SCADA systems enable the efficient operation of the existing facilities and by this means it postpones investments to the electricity sector and provides effective plans aimed at the future.