-The bodies of EMB series Concrete Transformer Centrals are the systems where tank/basic part and the walls pour out together.

-An inter section where the wall and tank/basic part of the system combine and a girder that wraps the whole frame give a bearing feature to the constructive structure of the body.

-Since the enervated cable inlet outlet parts at the combination point of the bodies’ ground concrete are available in all parts of the concrete kiosk, it provides advantage in terms of operation.

-There are anchorages on girders in order to maintain a steady and safe lifting of the body.


-While getting a setting from the steam cure and concrete casting, we are also gaining the ultimate concrete quality by providing homogenous dehydration.


-There are air circulations canals around the whole roof to make temperature increasement and gas outlet discharged that may occur in any internal arc failure.

-By making coatings to copolymer containing chemicals on the roof where water proof concretes are being made, the leakage of rain or permanent snow water is prevented. Expressed insulating material ensures the impermeability control by showing 5% flexibility between +60 C / -40 C.

-The slope of 20mm that founds on the roof towards the opposite direction of the walls in concrete transformer centers, directs the water flow.


-Partitions made by C35 concrete are appropriately produced to cable or busbar transitions between OG, TR and AG parts.

-In the system construct that is defined according to the needs in single line diagram, a partition wall can be anchored where ever desired.


-Concrete Transformer Centers are being shipped from our factories as consisting of internal lightening (220V AC / 24V DC) and assembled switch devices.

-In the ground covering of transformer centers, there is a potential equalizing busbar fitted in the concrete.

-All surfaces which can be touched like the whole steelwork of the concrete kiosks, the doors and the blinds are grounded with a protective conductor.

-The protective conductor made of 35 mm of sliced copper is connected with the potential equalizing busbar to a visible and accessible location.


-The doors and the blinds are manufactured with pregalvanize sheet of 2mm.

-Their constructions are protected against corrosion by being made according to appropriate rivets.

-Doors can be opened with 120 degree angle in order to provide a comfortable labor for the operation staff.

-In order to control the temperature of transformer centers, the relationship between the doors and the wall shutters is certificated by transformer heat tests.

-By using filtration purposed extended aluminum metal in the shutters, protection against flying or walking insects is ensured.

Monobloc Concrete Transformer Stations